Graveyard Recording Project

On behalf of Deirdre and myself, I want to express our gratitude for your assistance in facilitating the graveyard transcription project. The girls involved did an outstanding job, and their skills and genuine interest really shone through. In total, they transcribed the names of nearly 900 individuals from Kilcommon, Ballymaghroe, and Whitefield graveyards into Excel files in a very short space of time. This work is so important as it preserves genealogical information that goes back much further than written church records and also helps establish family connections, which are often recorded on the headstones

Thank you once again as it really is such important work as these transcriptions mean that three graveyards have now been completed and the names of these people will not be lost by the effects of weathering which is slowly eroding the inscriptions...

Yvonne Whitty

Wicklow Community Archaeology Service

With the work I do it has allowed me to do boxing programmes with many different services and centres throughout the country and I can honestly say I think Tivoli is the most vital programme/centre to some of our young clients throughout the community who may have exhausted all other avenues to a better way of life”.

James Doyle

Boxing and Fitness Instructor