Adult Programmes

Tivoli provides education classes for clients who are in need of a high level of support, and addresses the individual needs of people:

    • Education, training and skills for future employment
    • Self-development within a safe and challenging environment

We also provide service opportunities for clients referred from the Courts or the Probation service under the Community Service or Community Returns programmes. Tivoli is a suitable centre for clients deemed to be vulnerable and for whom a normal training centre or work team would not work.

Tivoli’s adult clients come from Dublin, Wicklow or Kildare, or even further afield.

Services are available in line with Probation Service referrals for adults who have been given a:

  • Probation Order
  • Community Service Order
  • Post Release Supervision
  • Community Return place

There are 3 main programmes run for adults at Tivoli Training Centre:

  • Adult Education & Training
  • Community Service and Community Returns
  • Women’s group